Nearest Patient Services

1 What is a Patient Service Center?
  A Patient Service Center is where a patient goes to have their blood drawn.

Wellness Health Check uses all major federal and state certified laboratories in the State of Illinois. You will always find a Patient Service Center close to where you live or work. These are the laboratories used by doctors to refer their patients. At present, Wellness Health Check offers health-screening programs only in the state of Illinois. Very soon Wellness Health Check will be offering similar services in the other states as well.
2 Choosing a location
  Choose a location by entering the zip code or from the list of locations. You will find the list of locations nearest to you. Select your convenient location. This is the location where you would visit to draw your blood. Once you have identified a preferred location and completed the ordering process, the Patient Service Center will be listed on the order form that you will print out at the end of the order and the confirmation that you will receive via e-mail. On the order you will also find Patient Service Center’s contact numbers, hours of operation and special instructions required prior to drawing the blood.

Visit your selected Patient Service Center with your order and the personal ID for verifications, have your blood drawn. No prior appointment is necessary. Kindly check on the order form for the Patient Service Center business hours.

For any further assistance in selecting your convenient location call customer service at 1-312-238-9449

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