On Site Wellness Health Screening

Wellness Health Check is the leading provider of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention wellness health screening programs. Our on-site health screening programs are held at churches, health food stores, pharmacies, schools, and health fairs, religious and non-religious congregations, and corporate locations for employees’ wellness.

We offer range of on-site health screenings for diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, etc., and other comprehensive wellness programs. We also offer flu shots during winter seasons. Through our wellness programs, individuals come to know their exiting health status and that motivates them to improve and maintain good health by adopting healthy life style

Our comprehensive wellness programs have unique features, they are economical and cost effective, have high standard with a promise for a quality service, and are offered by our team of medical experts that are highly trained and certified. Our on-site programs require minimum space, are arranged at convenient times and do not disturb the routine operation.

Wellness Health Check do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, neither do we recommend any medical advice. However, we strongly recommend that individuals should consult their primary care physician for further medical opinion.

Please contact our customer service to find out further details of our on-site comprehensive wellness programs by calling at 1-312-238-9449 or e-mail to customerservice@WellnessHealthCheck.com.

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