Well-Being Reward Program


Employee Reward Program

The purpose of Wellness Rewards is to motivate employees to take basic steps towards becoming aware and active in their own health. The ultimate goal is to have employees take steps towards living a healthier lifestyle and when possible, identify and take actions to avoid or minimize preventable diseases. Participation in the program is voluntary.

With wellness reward program, employee wellness programs can be fun and rewarding. They motivate employees to want to join in. Some incentives can include paid days off work, discounts on insurance, bonuses, money and more.  It is proven that employee wellness program is an extra push that helps them meet their health goals, and that’s certainly a big reward.

To receive wellness reward, employee must complete suggested actions/interventions to maintain or improve the good health. Each action/intervention carries certain number of points. Employee is awarded points after they complete specific actions. They need to score minimum number of points within 12 months period to become eligible for the reward.

The hope is that the reward will encourage employees toward achieving their goals and having better health, health care, and well-being, now and throughout life.


Wellness Program

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