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Our Mission is to optimize health, wellness, and to reduce health related risks and reduction in health care costs in individuals, corporate employees and the community, by promoting awareness for prevention, early detection, monitoring, management and the control of preventable disease. Offer safe, accessible, cost effective and high quality health improvement services confidentially to individuals and to corporate employees.

Wellness Health Check is a leading provider and specialized in worksite wellness programs, health risk assessment (HRA), health coaching, health promotion and disease prevention interventions, flu shots, etc. Our customized wellness programs benefit individuals and employees from small to large companies who would like to maintain good health, improve existing health conditions, and encourage individuals to take measures to prevent the onset or worsening of a disease or illness and to lead lifestyles that are healthier.

We assist and analyze employee’s health status and then design and implement comprehensive wellness programs in three stages: identification, modification and prevention. Our solutions include: health screening, health risk assessment (HRA), implement effective wellness interventions that improves health, maximize productivity and reduce health care costs, establish program goals and track progress, offer incentive program to encourage healthy behavior change, etc.

Our ultimate goal is to improve employee’s health and corporate wealth.

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